Temmabashi 天満橋

母の「ありがとう。おつかれさまでした」Mom’s Thanks to my dead dad

今朝6:30 a.m. またジョギングを始めた。もうずいぶん太陽高いね。
6 in the morning, I started jogging around again. the sun was already high.

It has been around half a year since my father was deceased.
We never know my mom understands my dad’s death because of dementia. There is only a few things and words my mom can share with us in our conversation.


Curiously, mom said “thank you and rest in peace” to my dad laying in a casket even she didn’t understand whose funeral was. From that day forward, she never ask us where dad is. I’m wondering whether she somewhat interprets her husband’s death.

I’m gradually getting over all this circumstances.
My weight is getting back the same as before or more… so, I started jogging again.

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