FACTFULNESS – それほど読書家ではない私が今年に入ってこれ読んでる間に、世界が新型コロナウイルスの影響でえらいことになってきた。

While I’ve been reading this book FACTFULNESS since the beginning of this year (I’m not avid reader), the world has been struggling with the spread of COVID-19.

ようやく完読(遅っ!)。ラスト2つのBLAME InstinctとURGENCY Instinctは、現状と重なりあって色々考えさせられた・・・世界中の社会や経済への影響だけじゃなく、人間の本質的な部分なんかに対して特に。。。

I’ve just finished reading it (too slow!).Subsequently to the chapter BLAME Instinct, URGENCY Instinct was really thought-provoking. It makes me think about the social/economic impacts and the nature of humanity brought by what is happening all across the world.


Supposedly, from the universal perspective (I mean OUTER SPACE, GALAXY or COSMOS type of thing), this WORLD of HUMAN BEINGS is also just a natural phenomenon. Fortunately, though, we human beings can IMAGINE and CREATE. So, why don’t we think this way, “Now is the time to utilize the POWER of HUMANITY”.

Don’t panic…Sleep well, eat well and stay healthy!

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